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Our vision is to scale new heights, explore new avenues for satisfying and rewarding PhD research work. We provide cutting edge technology solutions to aspiring PhD research scholars both in terms of technology as well as content to pursue research. A proven combination of technology with content is our mantra for success in retaining and attracting new PhD scholars to use our services. If you care about the freedom to pursue your passion for research, using the latest technological tools, and if you seek a work environment that thrives on passion, results, freedom, and high energy join us.

Our PhD Consultancy Services

Survey / Review Article

Writing a research paper reveals the depth of your knowledge in any subject, which showcases your mastery and familiarity with the state of the art thinking and knowledge available in that domain. With this backdrop, the research paper delves into areas hitherto unknown and unexplored in that domain. Nxtlogic presents survey documents thoughtfully, with critical analyses of work done in that domain globally.

Research papers presented in premium and well-respected conferences, seminars, and reputed subject matter journals from foreign countries are the prime sources for further pursuit, and a correlation among the relevant topics is established by Nxtlogic. The resultant Review Article offers a succinct but comprehensive overview of the particular subject, which will be of immense benefit to both a casual reader as well as possible leads for a serious academic wanting to pursue research in that particular subject. Our repeat customers are proof of the high quality of work done by us. Read More

Proposal Preparation

Since research proposals are required to convince someone, maybe a funding body or an educational institution, the key aims of the research i.e., relevance, context, approach, and feasibility. Our proposals are the result of a very careful thought process and explain concisely the proposed topic of research, the originality of the thought, how it evolves to challenge existing knowledge and thought.

Our proposal brings out your own unique thought and creativity in establishing new knowledge. It highlights why you are the right person to do this very particular research besides detailing the methodology, activities, outcomes with specific milestones, and timelines. Read More

Research Implementation

Designing high-end high quality Implementing research is a highly challenging and daunting task, and Nxtlogic helps you to identify the potential barriers, hurdles and suggests methods of systematic application of your research findings. We enable you to find a pathway to apply your research findings to tangible, practical benefits in down to earth, real-world conditions, and challenges.

Our Implementation Research methodology details the factors affecting implementation, the process by which your research findings will be implemented, the likely costs and the possible outcomes of implementing your research findings outlining the Acceptability, Adoption Appropriateness and Feasibility of Implementation Research. Read More

Journal Article

Our Journal Articles are similar to small books written on topics relevant to your particular topic of research and are a collection of articles published on that topic in a specific period of time. These are written by subject matter experts and are meant for experts.

Our Journal Articles include Original research, Reviews, Reports, Case studies, and their methodologies. Nxtlogic helps you find the target journal for your research topic, subject and collates articles relevant to your research, to give a logical framework. We make your writing easy to read, easy to understand, and express your originality and creative thinking.Read More

Thesis Writing

A Nxtlogic thesis statement is concise, readable, qualitative, and focuses on your ideas into one or two sharp sentences. This statement will induce and enthuse the reader to go further deep into the details of your research. It presents the topic of your research paper and also comments on your unique position to research on the subject. Our thesis statement tells your reader what the article is about and also guides your writing to keep your arguments focused.

Our abstract explains in one line why your paper is essential. It then goes on to give a summary of your significant research findings. The penultimate paragraph details the implication of the research findings in quantitative and qualitative measures. The final paragraph details Acknowledgements, References, and Appendices.Read More

Journal Publications

Nxtlogic helps you in publishing your research and arranges for printing and presenting your work to predefined and accepted clientele. This can be done either in a printed or in an electronic form as per your preferences. Our past work with various clients has given us a wide variety of cost-effective publishing options, without compromising on the desired quality parameters of clients, promptly.

Besides our networking with significant journals, magazines, research associations, give us a heads up to get your research published in the appropriate fora at the opportune time for better reception of your research findings. Read More