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There is never been a better time to join Nxtlogic Software Solutions. We are a dynamic company with a strong vision in a growing global market. At a time when customers are demanding more and more from their technology, we are changing the way the world manages IT, to help customers better perform, compete and grow. That is why the majority of leading companies across industries worldwide use our software. It is also why you will find a wealth of opportunities for important and rewarding work. Come to Nxtlogic Software Solutions and build the career you want

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Web Design & Development

At Nxtlogic, we specialize in website design and development services. The Web experiences we develop are high-performance, feature-rich, and digitally transformable, designed to be user-friendly, fully functional, highly secure, and scalable as your business grows in leaps and bounds!

We fully understand the requirements what every custom website application development project entails, and employ advanced technologies so that customized web solutions and applications can have a longer life span and evolve seamlessly together with the businesses of our clients. Our innovative web applications guarantee our client's prolonged operational excellence as well as hassle-free scalability.

Windows Application

Nxtlogic's Windows application development team can provide remarkable end-to-end solutions for your business. We are rigorous during the design, development and testing phases and pay close attention to each cycle, ensuring that the end results contribute to your vision.

Our Windows Application Development Services meet all customer requirements by studying the primary requirements, assessing all possible scenarios in which the application will be used and thereafter presenting the required solution as well as observing the technology in question. Our services are dispensed by our team of leading experts in strategy development, design and planning, and creating high-performance applications.

Mobile Application

We create mobile applications offering high performance and intelligent services that meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you need a mobile application development solution for your iPhone, iPad or Android, our team delivers superior mobile apps using their deep industry knowledge.

At Nxtlogic, our mobile application development services are specifically integrated in order to offer our clients exclusive mobility solutions on platforms such as iOS, Android as well as several cross platforms, including Cordova, Ionic, Kony, Framework 7, and many others. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to seeing your business grow by leaps and bounds through the means of a superior, robust mobile application.


Our SEO services team possess immense experience in understanding what is needed to target the most effective keywords online, thus ensuring that searches on mobiles, laptops, and tablets place your brand well-ahead of your competitors.

As part of our SEO services, we employ tried and tested strategies in place to drive more traffic to the websites of our clients. By combining proven digital marketing techniques and concrete, in-depth knowledge, our team of digital marketing experts are able to make sure that our clients' websites rank far above those of their competitors.


At Nxtlogic, we accept interns and guide them in completing function-specific projects in their respective fields. This allows them to make strategically sound decisions with the potential to significantly impact the organizations that they will be a part of during the course of their careers.

As an intern at Nxtlogic, candidates will have the incredible opportunity to work alongside mentors and experts who will guide them through intricate and critical industry practices and processes that are key to a fruitful career. With quick feedback and professional support, candidates can gain a lot of experience, exposure, and knowledge! Read More

Research and Development

At Nxtlogic, we offer comprehensive R&D services for aspiring Ph.D. and M.Phil scholars from a variety of major fields who wish to develop a unique and ground-breaking thesis that will help them obtain their doctorates with ease.

Our services in this regard are like a beacon that paves the way to success. We help scholars undertake doctoral projects based on a range of research topics and niche subjects. Our team of experts is always ready to assist our clients in undertaking their research and in the preparation of comprehensive Ph.D. proposals and plans. Read More